5 Reasons People Don’t Share the Gospel

When I use the word “Reasons,” I really mean, excuses.  People give excuses for not obeying God’s commands all the time.  Moses did it in Exodus 3 and 4 and that was while He was experiencing one of the most unique presentations of God in all of history – The Burning Bush.  These are the most common comments I hear from those not sharing the gospel.

Fear of Embarrassment – Don’t want people to make fun of them.

Fear of No Response – Don’t want to be rejected.

Fear of Intense Response – Don’t want to be persecuted.

Fear of Ignorance – Don’t know all the answers.

Fear of Shame – Have sin in own life.


None of these excuses are acceptable.  Remind yourself that these are merely excuses and that you must be faithful to the commission of Christ and Make Disciples of all nations.


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