Top 5 qualifiers for quality Senior Adult Ministers

In my time in the ministry I have been able to serve in this role as well as see some of the best in this role.  I am forever indebted to men like James Edwards, Danny Epps, and Paul Lee for their leadership in this way.

Able to teach the Bible – Some may not include this here but I believe it is a necessary component to those in ministerial positions.

Able to care for the hurting – All too often Senior Adults are hurting, therefore this position must be comfortable in this scenario.

Able to grieve over loss – It is helpful for church members to genuinely sense care and sorrow in others as they mourn over the loss of a loved one.

Able to help others finish well – Senior Adults are not finished.  They need to be pushed outside their comfort zone to continue to make disciples of all nations.

Able to stay aligned with entire church – It is easy to make the Senior Adult Ministry an island off by itself.  But for it to function at its premium it must be deeply rooted in the heart of the church.


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