Top 5 qualifiers for quality Music Ministers

People are stirred by music and are often lead in their beliefs by the songs they sing.  In fact, many people, mistakenly belief that the most familiar of the songs they sing are Scripture.  A good Minister of Music will be able to explain and express the difference but will highlight the truth throughout. In addition to these truths it is paramount that the Minister of Music is able to follow the leadership of the Pastor (thankfully ours does this extremely well).

Able to teach the Bible through song – Choosing the right lyric is always paramount to choosing the right tune.  When the song has both it is an incredible gift to the congregation and when the Minister of Music leads in this way it is incredibly helpful.

Able to know and understand right theology – If he does not understand theology then he will not be able to explain it or choose songs that accurately depict the church’s beliefs.

Able to read music and sing well – It is not necessary for the Minister of Music to be the best musician in the church, however, it is key for the Minister of Music to be capable of holding a tune and understanding music.

Able to display joy while singing – There is nothing more difficult to follow than a worship leader who does not seem be worshipping.

Able to stir others to desire to worship the Lord (and not himself) – Sadly, there are too many worship leaders that seek to draw attention to themselves.  This is the opposite of stirring affection toward Christ.  Do not miss out on this significant difference.


What a joy it is for me to list these qualifiers while thinking of Brad Brand our Minister of Music.  God is using Him well and allowing our family of faith to be stirred to worship the Lord all the more as a result of his leadership.


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