The ABC’s to describe your wife

Ok fellas, this one is for you.  I just recently celebrated 12 years of marriage with my wife and was trying to think of the best way to describe her.  Sometimes, let’s be honest, we need a little help.  So here is a way to get the wheels turning in your head when you just can’t think of the right word to put in your Christmas card this year.

The truth is that it is nice to hear kind things said and or written about us from the one’s we love the most.  Take time to use these words and/or other deliberately kind words to your wife this Christmas and every other day as well.

I hope these ABC’s prove to help you.  And yes…Gloria fulfills all these words and many more.

A- Awesome, Amazing

B- Beautiful, Blessing, Best, Brave

C- Creative, Charming, Caring, Cultivating, Cute, Calming, Compassionate

D- Delightful, Dedicated, Determined, Dependable, Desirable

E- Engaging, Exquisite

F- Forgiving, Funny, Fun, Faithful, Fixer

G- Generous, Gracious, Gorgeous, Godly, Good, Great, Gentle

H- Humble, Happy, Hospitable, Helper

I- Incredible, Irresistible, Insightful, Irreplaceable

J- Joyful

K- Kind

L- Lovely, Loyal

M- Marvelous, Mesmerizing

N- Needed, Nurturing, Noble

O- Optimistic, Organized

P- Photogenic, Pretty, Patient, Peaceful, Provider

Q- Quiet

R- Relentless, Reliable, Remarkable

S- Supportive, Strong, Smart, Steady, Stunning, Stylish, Selfless

T- Trustworthy, Tremendous

U- Undaunted, Upright, Unassuming

V- Vivacious, Valued

W- Wonderful, Wonderfully Made, Wanted, Welcoming

X- eXcellent (sorry thats the best I can do)

Y- Youthful

Z- Zealous


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