God’s Perfect Plan

Tonight I once again sit at the bedside of my daughter at the hospital.  This time, like all the others, we are trusting in God for His perfect plan to be unfolded.  I sit here, not in a tizzy, not worried about the outcome, but instead confident in what God has in store.

As an update: Lottie has recently been having strong abdominal pain.  This has brought about a few different doctor visits, finally resulting in a hospital stay to rule out anything major.  The surgeons seem quite confident that all of her organs are in healthy condition and do not believe that they will need to correct this issue surgically but instead will be working to bring about the best result with the use of medicine.

Back to God’s perfect plan…my good friend, Jeff Jones, called tonight to get an update on the situation and to have a prayer with me.  During his prayer he praised God for having the ability to heal Lottie and displayed confidence that there are no question marks with God.  This prayer was a great reminder of to me of the three A’s of God.

  1. God has complete AUTHORITY. – He reigns over all.  He is sovereign King.  Remember that all authority on heaven and on earth is His.
  2. God has total ABILITY. – He has power over nature. He has power over people.  He has power over demons.  He has power over death itself.  Remember that He wields His power in His timing for His purposes.
  3. God has ultimate ALTRUISM. – He loves His creations. He loves His children.  Remember that God so loved the world that He gave His only son.

With that in mind it is much easier for me to sit at the hospital bedside of Lottie knowing that the one true God, who hears and answers our prayers, has complete authority, total ability, and ultimate altruism.  As a result, He will use His sovereign power to display His love for His people in a way that brings about His greatest glory.  May we all find greater rest in these truths.


3 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Plan

  1. You are always a source if encouragement and your words are both caring and wise. Our intercession for Lottie and her parents are a constant.
    Love you. Dad & Mom


  2. Lottie and the rest of her sweet family are in our prayers. God has shown us so much through Lottie. We join Jeff in praising Him. We love you dearly.


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