6 Grace Alone Quotes

“We do believe that righteous works get us to God, it’s just Christ’s righteousness not our own.” – Kevin DeYoung

“The problem with merit is that it doesn’t exist.  All that really exists is the sheer grace and mercy of God.” – Albert Mohler

“We are not saved by a setting aside of justice but by the fulfillment of justice.” – Kevin DeYoung

“Do we work nothing for the obtaining of this righteousness?  I answer: Nothing at all.  For the nature of this righteousness is, to do nothing, to hear nothing, to know nothing whatsoever of the law of or works.” – Martin Luther

“God saves us by grace, grows us by grace, and brings us into eternity by grace.” – Brandon Smith

“As soon as the grace of Christ begins to prevail in any one, the reign of sin and death ceases.” – John Calvin


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