What to think about mass shootings?

In the wake of yet another tragedy my heart breaks to think of the pain and suffering that so many are experiencing right now.  There is unequivocal pain in the loss of an innocent child to a violent act of hostile brutality.  With this sort of pain it is multiplied, not only because of the amount of fatalities, but also because of the spiraling effect on those left behind.  For the families related, the students, faculty, and the community at large there is a new state of fear, a new type of worry, and a new level of doubt.

As believers, what are we to think? What are we to do?  What should we NOT do?

  1. We trust in God (Psalm 20:7).  God is worthy of our trust despite the weakness of our flesh.  This is not the time (nor is there ever) to stop believing that God is in control.  We believe that even through persecution, tribulations, and trials that God is worthy to be trusted (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).
  2. We grieve for others (Matthew 5:4). God comforts us when we mourn.  We can be and should be saddened by acts of evil.  These vicious acts are not just problematic; they are sin and as such are evil in the sight of God.  We should grieve for those who lost loved ones and we should grieve that there is sin like this at all.
  3. We pray with others (James 5:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Ephesians 6:18).  During these types of tragedies, and so many more, we are to lay down all of our cares and concerns before the Lord because He cares for us and is concerned for us (1 Peter 5:7).
  4. We should not fear (Joshua 1:9). Fear is not from the Lord.  Remember, we trust Him for His perfect plan, so let us live out that trust without fear.

May we as believers remember that despite acts of extreme evil, God is still on the throne.  Despite man taking the life of others, we can have eternal life with the Father.  Despite sin causing such violence, Christ offers redemption through His blood on the cross.


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