Observing the gospel through Adoption

This morning I had the unique gift of watching a family be legally united.  One man became a father, and one woman became a mother, to a son and daughter. With the signature of a judge and with a room full of witnesses these two children joined this family.  There were joyful tears of celebration and cheers of delight from everyone.

You see, this couple, now parents, went to great lengths to demonstrate their love for these children. They have been caring for them and providing for them and will now raise them as their own.  These children will be given a new name and will forever be a part of this family.

What a priceless example of the gospel.  In the same way our Heavenly Father demonstrated His vast love for His children. He went to great lengths for us. He provides for us and cares for us and makes us His own.  And when we acknowledge Him as Lord we become a part of His forever family.

And yes, there will are tears of celebration and cheers of delight when a sinner repents and joins the family of God!


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