5 Reasons the flu made me thankful

I have been sitting in the same bed for basically the last 26 hours and will likely be staying in it another 36 hours because I have the flu.  God has been very gracious to me in that my symptoms have not been nearly as severe as they could have been.  But even more than that He has graciously reminded me of a few things that I can be thankful for.

  1. I am thankful to have friends that let me stay at their house so that my family doesn’t get further contaminated by me. – Not only did they offer their home, they have been wonderful hosts.  Provided me dinner, bottles of water, and snacks as well.
  2. I am thankful to have a job that I am disappointed to miss a day in the office.  – You see I really do love my job and who I work with so it is a bummer when I can’t be there.
  3. I am thankful to have a family that I miss when I am not with them.  – Gloria and the kids bring great delight to my day every single day.  Being away from them is always difficult.
  4. I am thankful to have medicine that helps relieve pain, reduce symptoms, and minimize discomfort. – God uniquely gave men and women knowledge and abilities to create medicine, doctors to know how to determine you are sick, and pharmacists to get you the right amount.
  5. I am thankful to have a God (the only one) who is faithful to remind me of all that He has provided me to be thankful for!

One thought on “5 Reasons the flu made me thankful

  1. I’m thankful for you. I’m also thankful I picked up something that required me to wash my hands after shaking your hand in the driveway earlier this week. Praying you get well soon. Love you man.


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