11 simple ways to display Christ to guests

When was the last time you visited a church for the first time?  It can be intimidating for sure.  Especially, if you are visiting to see if you want to possibly join.  Here are some practical ways to display the love of Christ to guests each week.

  1. Hold open the door – A simple gesture that can go a long way.
  2. Say good morning – Silence is awkward.
  3. Ask if they need assistance – Help them know where things are (especially if they have kids).
  4. Tell them your name – Sometimes you get all into a conversation and you keep your name a secret.
  5. Ask their name – Its less intimidating because you have already told them your name.
  6. Offer for them to sit with you – They may not take you up on the offer but it makes them feel as though you actually don’t mind that they are there.
  7. Introduce them to another church member – This goes a long way during a return visit, that someone else might actually know them.
  8. Introduce them to a staff member – Specifically try to connect them with the staff member that might best meet their needs.
  9. Introduce them to the Pastor – This always means a lot, as they are getting the chance to talk with the guy that is going to be talking with them for at least 30 minutes!
  10. Invite them to your small group or Sunday School – Again, remember that going with someone, even if you just met, makes that entrance so much better.
  11. Invite them to lunch – This is the perfect way to get to know them in a more casual setting.

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