Top 5 qualifiers for Church Support Staff

I believe that I am blessed to serve with some of the most delightful, helpful, and supportive Support Staff I could hope for.  The truth is that there have been several individuals that I have had the gift of serving with in the past that would also fall into that category.  However, I have heard of others who have struggled in this area.  I want to point out what makes these folks so great at their job and what I believe are the Top 5 qualifiers for quality church support staff.

Able to support the Lead Pastor – If they cannot support and follow the leadership of the shepherd of the church (even if they are not members) then it will be evident in the work they provide.

Able to provide quality work – I am not suggesting perfection, however, I am suggesting excellence.  A supervisor does not want to have to make the same corrections repeatedly.

Able to survive under unexpected changes – In the ministry, there are always interruptions.  In the church office, many of those interruptions effect the work that is going on, therefore, flexibility is necessary.

Able to maintain composure under pressure – Many times there are high pressure situations that require a calm attitude and a non-frazzled presence in order to appropriately get the job done.

Able to demonstrate the love of Christ to others – It is paramount that the person in a support role be a follower of Christ in order for them to be able to display the love of Christ to others.  Their love for the Lord should flourish in this environment, not dwindle.


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