4 Ways to Pray

When I was a young boy my Mom took time to help me grasp a deeper more focused prayer life.  She helped me journal my prayers.  She guided me to not only pray for the trinkets in life that I wanted that day, but instead to honor God by seeking His treasures.  She provided me with a guideline for this more particular prayer time and it has assisted me throughout my life as I pray to the Lord.  This is how we are to do our P.A.R.T. in prayer.

Praise – Begin your time each day in praise.  Rejoice in Christ for all that He is.  Celebrate all that God is.  Tell Him His names and remind Him of His attributes.

Admit – Confess your sin before God.  Remember that He already knows all of your inadequacies and is still loving you, and providing for you.  However, it is refreshing to have Him restore unto you the joy of your salvation as you confess your sin to Him.  Take heart, when you confess your sin to God, He is faithful and just to forgive your sin.

Request – Notice that before you even get to your request time you have worshipped God as great and honored God as Holy.  When you make your requests to Him keep His greatness and His perfection in mind.  He will do what is best for you, so pray accordingly.  Pray for areas of life concerning you as well as others.

Thanks – Conclude your time by thanking God for all that He has done to answer your previous requests.  Celebrate the great work He has done in, through, and around you.  If Praise is celebrating WHO God is, then, Thanks is rejoicing in What God has done.


2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Pray

  1. Love this….
    Ever since you told Luis this, we have used P.A.R.T in our prayer time. 🙂

    It has definitely heightened our prayer life 🙂

    Hugs to you,


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