Top 5 qualifiers for Associate Pastors

As an Associate Pastor, I am not suggesting that I have all of these qualities just right.  However, I am suggesting that I need to grow in these areas as well be able realize that other Associate Pastors ought to be able to do these as well.

Able to teach the Bible – This is a biblical qualification for all that are considered elders of the church and thus should surely be on this list.

Able to support the Lead Pastor – This position is a waste if he cannot support the Leader of the church.  If these two men are in opposition it will be obvious.

Able to lead leaders – In order for the Associate Pastor to lead others his greatest asset will be to lead those that lead others.

Able to implement vision – If the Lead Pastor is the vision caster, than the Associate Pastor is the one who puts that vision into action.

Able to expect excellence – The Associate Pastor must strive to not only provide excellence in his work, but also to expect that out of others work as well.


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