7 Places to go to Share the Gospel

As followers of Christ, it is our responisbility to take the gospel to the lost.  We can find them all over the world.  But, here are 7 places you can nearby to share the gospel.

Your House – It is possible that there are people in your family or in your household that need the Lord.  These should be your first ones to share with.

Your Neighborhood – Right after you share with the ones in your house go to the houses next door.

Your Favorite Restaurant – Having brief conversations with the waiter/waitress or the person at the cash register can still give opportunity to share the truth.

Your School – If you are still in school this is where you are most of the time, use this as your mission field.

Your Job – At your work is often where you get to know people the best – use those conversations as ways to point people to Christ.

Your Church – There are people that are visiting your church that likely do not know Christ, don’t let the only time they hear the gospel be from the pulpit.

Your Hobby Group – Whether it is the baseball team, the cheerleading squad, the garden club, or hunting camp – there are people that need Jesus.

Think about it – these are some easy places to go, where you live, eat, study, work, and enjoy!


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