The Most Wonderful Time of Year?

Why do people say this is the most wonderful time of year?  Why is their an entire song dedicated to this very idea?  Don’t people see the frustration on people’s faces as they frantically storm through the mall parking lots and stress out over things on lay away?  Did the writer of that song ever really hear “kids jingle belling?” Don’t people notice the frustration as they try to remember all of the people on their Christmas list?

So why is it true that it is the most wonderful time of year?  It’s not because of all the snow (especially here in the south).  It’s not because of the parties, tasty food, and time off of work.  It’s not because of the family gatherings filled with laughter and fun.  It’s the most wonderful time of year because of who we celebrate and what we are celebrating that He did.

This time of year is devoted to the celebration of the coming of the promised messiah, the prophesied rescuer.  Jesus the Christ came to earth as a man, leaving His place in Heaven for the momentary affliction of the flesh of man.  Jesus’ birth is spectacular not only because the Son of God became the Son of Man, but because He came to die.  He was born for the very purpose of death.  So, His coming was further proof that the promises of God would be fulfilled.  Study the Old Testament and you will see promise after promise later fulfilled in the birth of Jesus.  Continue to read in the New Testament and note the promises Jesus made and how He fulfilled those as well.  For those promises that are still to come to fruition we can take great solace in a perfect track record up to this point.

Therefore, despite all of the reasons that this is NOT the most wonderful time of year…the celebration of the coming of the King IS the most wonderful time of year!


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