12 Types of books to read in 2017

I don’t know how often you read.  I don’t know what types of books you enjoy reading.  To be honest, I don’t know if you like to read at all.  However, reading is still one of the best ways to learn and grow in life.  My Grammy (my Dad’s mom) is a prolific reader.  She has read too many books to count.  While I have not always loved to read, she has (along with others in my life) instilled a great appreciation for good books.  And being that today is her birthday – I thought this list would be particularly appropriate.

In my Christian walk I have found that sometimes I need to adjust the style of writing I read in order to sharpen my knowledge and even to train my mind to learn in different ways.  With that being said here is a list of the types of books I would like to recommend that you read in the coming year.  (I decided to recommend a book for each type- just for good measure).  The following list is intended to challenge you to read one book a month in 2017 – I hope you can take the challenge.

  1. A book of the Old Testament (Genesis)
  2. A book about an Old Testament book (Worthy to Worship- a study of Habakkuk)
  3. A book of the New Testament (John)
  4. A book about the New Testament (To Live is Christ to Die is Gain – A study of Philippians)
  5. A book on the Holy Spirit (Forgotten God)
  6. A history book (For the Glory)
  7. An autobiography (George Mueller)
  8. A Biography (Swan Series)
  9. A book about evangelism (The Master Plan of Evangelism)
  10. A book on missions (Let the Nations Be Glad)
  11. A book about God (The Attributes of God)
  12. A book concerning current issues (Counter Culture)

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