The Art of the Hand-Written Note

From the time I was a little kid and even now; I have always loved getting mail.  Not junk mail, not bills, not magazines, but REAL MAIL.  You know the kind.  The kind where someone took the time to hand-write (not type) a thoughtful word of encouragement.  The kind that was important enough to not just be 140 characters of a tweet, or an email.  The kind that is significant enough to put pen to paper.

I found in my life and in my ministry that these “real” letters are both extremely encouraging and especially meaningful to those who receive them.  So here are 5 thoughts for how you can master the art of a hand-written note.

  1. Get your own stationary – This does not have to be highly expensive but gives a distinguished purpose.  Also, if you have the stationary, you are more likely to use it.
  2. Have stamps on hand – Be ready to write a note and send it at any time.
  3. Thank randomly – You do not have to only write a thank you note for specific needs being met.  Instead, say thank you for being my friend, or simply thank you for being you, etc.
  4. Short and Sweet – Your notes do not have to be long.  In fact, your stationary might serve you better if it is small.
  5. Scripture – Any time that you can add a passage of Scripture to your thoughts regarding this person it takes it to the next level.

Think now of you can write to offer a kind word of encouragement.


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