Dear Mr. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Thank you for serving our country as President over these last 8 years.  You have sacrificed time and energy to fulfill this incredibly significant position in our government.  Today is the day that you officially pass the torch to another leader.  I am sure that it is a bitter-sweet moment but hopefully it is one that you can cherish as you move forward to the next stage of service and activity.

As with some other people, I did not agree with all of your stances on issues, however, I am thankful for your consistent leadership and I can appreciate that you were willing to stand for what you believe to be best.

My convictions are based on the biblical principle that we, as Christians, are called to pray for our governing authorities.  Let me assure you that I have not only prayed for you regularly, but I have also, lead others to pray for you as well.  As a pastor in a congregation here in Mississippi I have regularly called on our congregation to lift up those in our government.  We have asked the Lord to grant you wisdom and discernment as you have had countless decisions to make.

Not only have we prayed for the decisions you have made on behalf of our nation, but I have personally prayed for you to make a decision of salvation.  I am not sure if you have or not, however, if you have not I want to urge you to call out to the Lord turning away from any and all sin in your life and asking God for forgiveness.  If you have made that decision than I simply want to rejoice with you as my brother and encourage you to seek the Lord through His Scripture to know Him more intimately each day.

In the days ahead, know that I will continue to pray for you consistently and lift you and your family up to the Lord.  May God bless you as He has so faithfully blessed our great nation.

Be Joyful,

Chad Hunsberger


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