I Wanna Hold Your Hand

In his book, The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman explains that not everyone feels loved in the same way.  Therefore, it is important to know your spouse and understand what makes them feel loved the most.  Many times they feel loved in different ways but some just speak to them more intimately.

One of those ways is through physical touch, so, if physical touch is your spouse’s love language here are 10 ways to show your spouse you love him/her through physical touch.

  1. Hold hands – Do this in public, when you walk through the parking lot, when you pray, and when you sit in the movie theater.
  2. Kiss – Everyday when you leave for work and for when you arrive home greet each other with a kiss.
  3. Hold him/her – When you are in the bed at night simply lean over and hold (it doesn’t have to be a long time – just hold).
  4. Dance – Sometimes this can be silly in the living room type dancing but just grabbing hands and getting them up and moving is part of physical touch.
  5. Gently scratch his/her back – Just simply scratch/rub his/her back (this is different from massage).
  6. Give him/her a massage – You may not be good at this but you will learn in time (tips: lotion and take your time)
  7. Hug – Along with that everyday kiss, add a hug in there too
  8. Sit next to each other on the couch – This is especially important if your seat is the recliner (you don’t have to do this everyday, just take the initiative to do this periodically).
  9. Place your hand on the small of his/her back – You can do this in public as you stand and talk with others or it can be a gentle brush of your hand as you pass through the kitchen.
  10. Have Sex – Remember this is not all about you (your body belongs to your spouse).

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