Love and Chick-fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is got to be the best chicken sandwiches ever made.  Their nuggets are good too by the way.  In fact, it seems like they are just the best at all they do.  But you know what I think makes people want to keep coming back…their service.  Not only do they have cheerios for the kids, all the supplies you need to have a meal with your kids, and even extra diapers in the bathrooms…every single time the employees interact with the customers it is their pleasure to serve you.  They tell you too…”My pleasure,” they say.

The way I am delighted at Chick-Fil-A is the way many spouses are when someone serves them with such a positive attitude.  For some spouses, they do not want or need gifts, they aren’t really even that interested in you telling them how much you love them…what they want is for you to show it with your servanthood and your attitude.  As we wrap up this little series on ways to love your spouse here is a list of 10 ways that you can demonstrate love to your spouse who is most loved by your acts of service.

  1. Wash their car.
  2. Prepare a meal.
  3. Clean the house.
  4. Change the oil (Or pay someone else to).
  5. Tackle that honey-do list.
  6. Iron their clothes.
  7. Wash a load of laundry (don’t shrink or make pink).
  8. Clean the bathrooms.
  9. Vacuum the carpet.
  10. Mow the lawn.

Of course for these to be most effective, we need to remember that it is not our duty that drives us but our delight.  It’s “my pleasure” to serve.


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