Time is ticking away

“I’ve had the time of my life.”  “Time is ticking away.”  Time flies when you’re having fun.”

These are some pretty common phrases.  For some people all they really want from you is your time.  And the truth is, sometimes, that is the hardest thing for you to give.

If your spouse is one who wants your time more than flowers, candy, or other gifts, than here are 10 ways you can uniquely give her just that.

  1. Go on a walk.
  2. Go to dinner at a quiet restaurant so that you can talk.
  3. Turn off your phone.
  4. Rent a movie to watch after the kids go to bed.
  5. Go on a picnic.
  6.  Go on a hike.
  7. Play a game.
  8. Go get a cup of coffee.
  9. Go for a drive.
  10. Go get ice cream.

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