Gifts are something everyone likes…at least a little.  However, some people actually feel most loved when you give them something.  Take heart though, it’s not always expensive gifts that make the difference.  Here are 10 ways you can show your spouse that you love them with a gift.

  1. Candy – Make sure you learn his/her favorite and pick it up next time you go to the grocery.
  2. Magazine – Maybe there is a magazine that he/she doesn’t have a subscription to that you could easily pick up on your way home.
  3. Movie – This is a good idea if you are a person who feels most loved when spending time with your spouse (its a win/win).
  4. Ice Cream – While gifts aren’t my love language Ice cream probably is.
  5. Flowers – More ideal from Husband to wife but an easy win nonetheless (tip: grocery stores often times have inexpensive flowers that allow you to do this more often).
  6. Jewelry – Obviously this one can be expensive so you may want to only do this for special occasions and feel free to save up for a long time if necessary.
  7. Hobby items – Does your spouse run? Hike? Hunt? Sew? Whatever his/her hobby is get something that will help him/her do it.
  8. Music – CD’s or iTunes gift cards is a way to help them enjoy the pleasure of good music.
  9. Books – Maybe your spouse likes to read – help them do this.
  10. Make something – Use your time to help them see how much you care by making a card, building something, sewing something, or simply writing a note.

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