Top 5 qualifiers for quality Children’s Ministers

I consider it a wonderful blessing to serve alongside one of the most gifted children’s ministers I have ever met.  Jeff Jones is talented in many ways and certainly has these 5 qualities.  I am forever thankful for the impact he has on my children.

  1. Able to teach the Bible to Children – This is a non-negotiable.  As a minister of the gospel the Children’s Minister must have this skill set.
  2. Able to be creative – Here more than any other area in the church a creative mind must be tapped into in order to gain and keep the attention of children.
  3. Able to be an adult – While sometimes acting silly like a kid, and being lots of fun is helpful it is necessary that it is clear who the adult is in the room.
  4. Able to train adults – The children’s minister is only one person and will need others around to help.  In order for this to happen best the children’s minister is to train other leaders in this way.
  5. Able to equip parents – Finally, a children’s minister is a supplement to what is happening at home.  Therefore, he/she must be one who is equipping parents to better disciple their children.

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