8 Great biographies

Biographies provide unique insight into a individual’s life.  They can provide great encouragement and challenge to the reader as well.  Sometimes a biography is of someone still living that allows you to simply look further into their life.  However, sometimes (and often my favorite type) a biography is written about someone who is no longer living.  In those cases, many times, we are able to not only get a deeper look into the individual life but also the time in which he/she lived.  I would like to recommend a few different biographies.  You will notice that a couple of these are compilation-type books but none the less they are quite good.  These books are in no particular order.

  1. Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand) – Story of Louis Zamperini
  2. For the Glory (Duncan Hamilton) – Story of Eric Liddel
  3. The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Iain H. Murray)
  4. Richard Baxter and Conversion (Timothy Beougher)
  5. Jonathan Edwards (Stephen Nichols)
  6. Portrait of Calvin (T.H.L. Parker)
  7. 10 Who Changed the World (Daniel Akin)
  8. Victorious Christians You Should Know (Warren Wiersbe)

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